Success comes at a PRICE. At Techlik, it cost us relentless hard work, unfailing customer service and organised team effort! Let us go back in time... to the year 1996, when we thought it was the right time to offer something more to the Web industry; give businesses an effective online presence and help them promote their services through the power of the Internet.

Where we stand today

In the current scenario, our presence has become more prominent. Today we are certified by the likes of Microsoft and are an approved partner of Rackspace. However, the buck does not stop here.Our portfolio of more than 500 clients and 1000-plus successfully delivered projects is an achievement that is hard to match.

Is that all about Techlik?

Nope, there’s something more. We are also an ISO certified company – a certification that ensures every project delivered matches up to the optimum requirements of the client, with every process underlining quality.

Master of the Game

When it comes to online tools and technology, we have really been there, done that. Be it development, design, or SEO, our solutions are simply par excellence.

Techlik's Values

To EXCEL as an organisation Techlik strives to achieve excellence in service, innovation and delivery. We believe in strong work ethics that foster trust and success of all stakeholders.