If you want to start a website that is visible on a global scale, you need to make sure that it is hosted properly. We at Techlik specialize in offering you an entire range of website hosting services that are full of features. All these services are priced very reasonably and they are very effective.

Our Web Hosting Services

We offer a variety of web hosting services like Linux as well as Windows based web hosting Services.
For both our windows and linux based web hosting services, we offer completely stable and fully secure linux servers. All our servers offers full daily data backup.
This means that our clients do not have to worry at all about losing their valuable data. Our efficient daily data backup daily stores the valuable data to make sure that there is no problem for our clients in the future. We keep a high capacity backup for all the important data.
Furthermore, we offer our clients a lot of choices to have their website hosted from almost anywhere in the world.

Techlik's Values

To EXCEL as an organisation Techlik strives to achieve excellence in service, innovation and delivery. We believe in strong work ethics that foster trust and success of all stakeholders.