The Mobile Web refers to browser-based web service such as the World Wide Web, WAP using a mobile device such as a cell phone, PDA, or other portable gadget connected to Internet. The total number of mobile web users grow up very fast in 2009.

However, Mobile Web access today still suffers from usability problems. This is partly due to the incompatibility of the format of much of the information available on the Internet with mobile devices and partly due to the small physical size of the screens of mobile devices.

Most of the current websites are optimized for IE 6+ and fire fox 1.5 + desktop browsers, when such websites are accessed from mobile phones it does not display information properly. Our mobile website developers are having expertise for coding for various mobile browsers and they arrange content to fit in most mobile browsers.

We also do analysis of the existing website and identify the most important content for mobile browser compatibility.

Techlik's Values

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